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Why is my Car A/C Blowing Hot Air?


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Jumping into your car after a sunny spring day can be an unwelcome surprise.  The windows and cabin of your vehicle act a lot like a greenhouse when it’s left in direct sunlight.  The sun’s energy can enter through your windows or be absorbed by the metal roof but has no way to escape.  This heat is trapped and can cause the interior of your vehicle to get extremely hot on sunny days.  You can help mitigate this effect by tinting your windows, choosing a light color paint or using a windshield sunshade but those are not solutions, they just lessen the problem.

The great thing is we live in a country with air conditioning almost everywhere.  Let’s be honest, when a soft top jeep has air conditioning as an option, we’re a country that likes to be comfortable.  So you jump into your hot car, throw on the AC and you get hot air blowing.  Not to worry, it takes a few seconds for the air conditioning system to come up to pressure and start cooling your cabin air.  Now you’ve waited 15 seconds.. now 30.. now 2 minutes and you’re still getting nothing but hot air.

So now that you are sweating, and frustrated it can be tempting to zip into the dealership and pay them whatever they ask to fix your air conditioning.  This is an option, but before you break the bank, head home and let’s take a look at some common easy to fix problems that would make you ask: Why is my car AC blowing hot air?



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