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Fifty Winners of Painter’s Pyramid Sets Announced Today

Congratulations to the following winners of the New Improved Painter’s Sets. ¬†You will be contacted by the manufacturer and your prizes will ship shortly.

Barbara Briggs, Bruce Freier, Marlin Rogers, Brian Heurung, Charles Clark, Cindy Thurman Connie Norton, CONSTANCE COOK, Deborah Mahoney, Dennis Pointer, Dianna Schultz, Eileen Lammers, Frank Gdowski, Gregory Westrick, Jack Green, Jake Butto, Jan Delzer, Jon Oder, Joyce Pogue, Julie Lawrence Julie Waldron, Kaylie Moline, Kim Champion, Lawrence Lampron, Kirsten Parks, Lisa Koenig, Mary Dodd, Michael McAndrews, Margaret K Herrin, Mark D. Springer, Melorie Butto, Mildred McLemore, Patrice Pruitte, Rick Mazzola, Roger Deming, Russ Seibert, Roger Keeney, Sandra DiLuccio, Shawna Fox, Sonny Klamerus, Stephen Albert, Steven Miller, Sue McKinney, Tamara K Lawson, Terri DeProspero, Thom Jelinek, Thomas Mee, Thomas McConnell, Tom Martin, William Skrube,


  1. richard says:


  2. Lawrence says:

    Thank you…..I acutally won something…..Amazing….They look very useful.

  3. Jan says:

    Thank you. I love winning a useful prize!

  4. cindy Thurman says:

    Thanks! Looking forward to it!

  5. Steven Miller says:

    Thanks I never win anything!!!

  6. Jan Delzer says:


  7. Bruce Freier says:

    Never received the prize…

  8. Joyce Pogue says:

    If I’m the Joyce Pogue who won the prize, I never received it.

  9. kaylie says:

    says I won???? i never got a prize though?

  10. Hal says:

    We just spoke with the manufacturer and the delay was due to the holiday schedule. You will be receiving your prizes shortly.

  11. Joyce Pogue says:

    Thanks for following through with this.

  12. Terri D. says:

    I never received this.

  13. Terri D. says:

    Sorry, didn’t see the message above.

  14. Hal says:

    Just a quick update. We have heard from Painter’s Pyramid and the products have shipped, so you should be receiving them shortly. Thanks for your patience and understandably the Holidays caused a delay in shipping. Once again congratulations to all winners.

  15. Sandra D says:

    Just noticed I won. Thank you so much.

  16. Hal says:

    Yes you did, congratulations again!

  17. Deborah Mahoney says:

    Thank you Hal,,,sounds like a very nice prize.. Have a Great Day

  18. Kim Champion says:

    Wow. how fun, thanks!

  19. Sonny Klamerus says:

    Hal, I’m listed but haven’t received any product or notice. Any info?

  20. Hal says:

    Sonny, got your message and forwarded it to the supplier.

  21. Hal says:

    I am collecting all of the names and addresses of those who have not received these and sending them to the manufacturer for shipment. I apologize for the delay and we certainly have learned a valuable lesson from this.

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