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Lee Valley Traditional Reel Mower is the June 2010 grand Prize

Check out this month’s prize, a traditional reel mower from Lee Valley with its accessories, bagging kit and sharpening tools. Go here and register for this great mower.  Also check out the new Gorillatorch LED Light and register for one of 10 units we are giving away this month.  Whether you want to give one of these prizes to your dad as a late Father’s Day gift or just to have them for yourself, you have multiple chances to win here at Extreme How-To.


  1. Cindy Spry says:

    what a fantastic prize!!

  2. Richard Moore says:

    sure could use a new lawn mower, that would be great

  3. mitch lieg says:

    i like the prize

  4. mike wikander says:

    Great choice

  5. cliford lewis says:

    Grass is greener. Need this fab. prize

  6. Gerlinde S. says:

    Getting Exersize and a nice Yard at the same time what more can you ask

  7. JC says:

    Sounds like a great prize. Thanks for the chance.

  8. Dawn Garlick says:

    Wow I can’t believe giving away such a great prize, would be great for the tight area in my back yard between flowers,trees, and shrubs. Can’t get the rider in there.

  9. Don Mathis says:

    Great prize !! I could put it to good use pronto.

  10. janice mcgirt says:

    I’m in!

  11. Chris W says:

    What a fathers day gift!!

  12. Nancy VanDyke says:

    This is great. I actually used to use one of these. Thanks.

  13. carolk-f says:

    We have many places in our yard where this would come in handy,the riding mower just can’t fit in the small spots.

  14. kay wolter says:

    this would be great for Our small yard thanks

  15. robomower says:

    Oh Great! thank for this article

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